Day 9: Rest Day

We’ve built a few rest days into our plans to help our bodies rejuvenate from the trail, and it’s exactly what we needed today. We knew we’d feel restless just sitting around though, so Trail Angel Ashley brought our climbing gear with her and we took on Kelso’s escarpment cliffs. You see these cliffs all the time from the highway, but they’re rarely climbed because of the traditional routes set here (the wall is a bare face of rock, and you have to rely on all your own gear to get to the top). We found a nice easy route to run up a couple times on just for fun.

Tomorrow we’re back on the trail with my work crew - excited to take on another light day without packs!

Stewardship Sunday - climbers and the Niagara Escarpment
With its miles of limestone cliff faces, the Niagara Escarpment has been well known to rock climbers for generations. Since as early as the 1930s, people have been finding routes up walls all the way along the escarpment, from Niagara Falls up to the flawless cliffs at Lion’s Head. In recent years though, more and more people have discovered the sport, and the introduction of new people can stress local environments if we’re not careful. If you’re a climber, or enjoy the outdoors in any way, always make sure to minimize your impact on the outdoors - travel in small groups, pack out all waste, and Leave No Trace wherever you go.

Happy Trails,