Day 6: Dundas - Waterdown, 168.5 km completed

For the first time this morning we had to take down camp. Our first night in our new tent was a hot one but packing it up was a breeze.

We said goodbye to Dundas Valley and were grateful for their hospitality. Cold orange juice and apple juice really perked up the morning.

We set out under significantly cooler temperatures and we knew from the start that the day would be much easier than any of the previous.

We put our heads down and just watched the kilometres fly by us. As it turns out, looking down was the thing to do! We were rewarded with a close up inspection of a walking stick.

Today is our first official trail angel pick up! Brittany Dewsbury met us at the side of the trail with “cold yellow Gatorade” as specifically requested.

We’re settling in at the Keene-Dewsbury abode awaiting a delicious feast prepared by Dave.

Thursday Thoughts: I thought I would be more sore than this. Don’t get me wrong, we are obviously worn down. Our natural walking gate is a little off and clearly stiff. But it’s not the same soreness I’m used to.

Throughout today's hike I had flashbacks of training camp for the Guelph Varsity Soccer team, where you're expected to physically preform day after day with spent muscles. It's physically and mentally exhausting, but so rewarding.

That's what I love about long distance hiking - I can capture that feeling again: equal parts pain to accomplishment. But the pain is different. It’s not muscle soreness; it’s aching feet, physical exhaustion and being mentally DONE with walking but still pushing on.

I definitely attribute some of my perseverance to the Guelph soccer program which is why I am so thankful they were willing to collaborate and spread the word about our initiative. If you want to be inspired by some strong women check out their instagram @gryphonwsoccer.

Happy Trails,