Day 5: Hamilton - Dundas, 144.5 km completed

Over Breakfast this morning, our AirBnB host Marlene sent us on our way, and warned us about the stairs coming up on the trail. We saw what she was talking about when we reached the Wentworth Steps, over 500 in all! This is what Nat’s trained for all summer - she’d usually over-weight her pack and walk the steps at her work 8-10 times. Fortunately all that prep paid off, and we covered this section with ease. 

The rest of the day was incredibly hot, and had us hoping for shade around every corner. We finally rolled into the Dundas Valley Conservation Area this afternoon and set up a real camp for the first time. We’re spending the rest of the day trying to cool off in the shade and celebrating the 145km completed so far.

Wednesday wildlife - Carolinian forests

The forests in southern Ontario are different than what we’re used to around Toronto. These we’re passing through, called Carolinian forests, extend from North Carolina all the way to Hamilton. You’ll see hardly any evergreens here, and the forest is made up of hardwoods you don’t normally see further North like Oak, Beech, and Locust trees. The woods are also filled with animals that like warmer habitats such as Salamanders, bald eagles, and even flying squirrels.