Day 4: Grimsby - Hamilton, 120.5 km completed

Each day has brought a different challenge: the heat, foot pains and thunderstorms. Today we battled the mosquitoes.

We started our day in Grimsby and passed by the last few vineyards. A long stretch on the road meant we could get some kilometres down pretty fast.

Then came a few hours of dense forest and... the mosquitoes. Chris is pretty much immune to them having spent a summer tree planting but they were really starting to get to me.

A first attempt at a lunch break was thwarted by the pests and we had to walk a few extra km to the next road crossing. Which as it turns out was a perfect place for a nap.

From Devil’s Punch Bowl to Felker’s Falls brought slightly easier trails but increased heat. The final 4 km we’re pretty tough but we are glad to have an air b n b 500 metres from the trail.

This also marks the furthest we have ever hiked in a continuous trip! Previously we completed 100 km in 5 days on the Torres del Paine W route. To date we have walked 120.5 km in only 4 days!

Trail Tuesday: A walk in the park may seem easy, its just that, a walk in the park! It definitely can be easy and more importantly, enjoyable for all hikers if you follow some simple trail etiquette. Walk in a single file when the trail is narrow. Walk on the right and pass on the left.

On the Bruce Trail it is important to be mindful that the trail runs through private land. This means we should be considerate of private land owners by not straying from the trail or letting dogs off-leash. But most importantly, say hi to your fellow hikers with a nod of a head or a smile.

You never know, the person you're passing could need a little extra motivation or a friendly face to help them through the rest of the hike! Today we chatted with a gentleman who was just an hour away from completing his end-to-end hike of the Bruce! He had been working on this feat since May!

Chris and I have really appreciated the hellos, smiles and chats with our fellow hikers.

Happy Trails,