Day 30: Big Bay - Wiarton, 769 km completed

Happy Bruce Trail Day everyone! It is also notably Hug a Vegetarian Day and Have a Beer Day. I’ve celebrated all of these days today.

We started this morning being dropped off by my mom and dad, Trail Angels Patti and Danny. My dad was excited to hike this section with us and my mom was excited not to! Thanks mom for driving us around :)

We beat out the weather and escaped the rain today with some great views of the bay along the top of Skinner’s Bluff.

The trail takes a surprise detour into Wiarton Airport. We actually walk along the field across from where the planes would land. Unfortunately we didn’t get to see the live action.

A few more kilometers into Wiarton proper and we finished up our day by slapping the Wiarton Willie statue. Wiarton Willie, as you may know, is the groundhog that predicts the return of spring. He has been the February prognosticator in Wiarton dating back to 1956. His accuracy rate is approximated at 25%. Hey, that’s at least as good as the weather reporters — at least that’s what I’m hoping since they are calling for rain the remainder of this week.

Sunday Stewardship

Does the sign below look familiar? We saw one while walking along the road today. If you have ever seen this road sign on your drive, you may not have known it at the time but you were passing through a source water protection area. In fact, by the time Chris and I finish the trail, we will have passed through a total of seven source protection areas! Are you curious to know which source protection area you are in? Find out more by visiting Conservation Ontario’s website.

Happy Trails,