Day 3: Lincoln - Grimsby, 89.5 km completed

Today marks the end of the Niagara section of the trail, a full 89.5 km done so far! 

We spent the morning passing line after line of vineyards under blue skies and hot air. We definitely didn’t expect what came this afternoon. 

Just after getting up from a lunch break, we saw dark clouds coming over the horizon. We decided to press on anyways, since there was still lots of walking left to do. Pretty soon, we were in the middle of a huge downpour! Rain filled our boots, and thunder crashed a few kilometres ahead, but we kept on walking. The dried up river beds we saw yesterday came to life with streams of muddy water. After almost 3 hours the rain finally let up, and we were left much cooler than when we started this morning. We could feel the rainwater sloshing between our toes with every step, so with a quick wring of our socks we hiked the last few km to the end of the Niagara section.

We’re spending the night drying out in a cozy house in Grimsby before our next 30k day.

Monday Motivation - Our Visit to Trails Youth Initiatives

This week’s Monday motivation is about a group of people that inspired us to go on this crazy trip in the first place. Natalie found Trails Youth Initiatives when we first started planning our trip, and we were both excited about the idea of the program. Trails believes in developing deep change in a small group of people, rather than shallow impacts on larger groups. The program works with small groups of youth (ages 12-18) Over the course of their high school careers to build critical life skills through outdoor experience. As part of our partnership, Trails invited us to come visit their camp in Stouffville back in the spring to get a sense of how it all works. 

One weekend of every month, each cohort of Trails kids will spend the weekend at the camp learning about leadership, community, and building lifelong learning skills while spending time with their friends. We got a tour of the grounds from two of the program’s graduates, who were applying for university in the fall. Speaking with them and the program’s co-founder, Jim Hayhurst, had us inspired to support their program in any way we could. 

Thanks for everything you do Trails!