Day 25: Ambrose - Sydenham, 614 km completed

With the threat of a storm overnight, we packed up our tent and actually set it up inside the Ambrose camp shelter, giving ourselves a double layer of rain protection. Well, it didn’t really rain last night, but it was nice to have the extra insulation of the shelter around us as we slept.

Our hike today was a pretty short one to get between camp sites. One section was closed off for logging, so we had to bypass onto the street for a few kms to get back on the trail. On the way, we saw way more farm animals than before including horses, cows, a donkey and a miniature pony.

In other news, we’re very excited to say that we’ve reached our $5,000 fundraising goal as of this morning! Whoever donated in the last couple days must have just pushed us over the threshold which is great to see. With our matching program in place, this means we’ve now raised over $10,000 for Trails Youth Initiatives and the BTC with everyone’s help, so thank you all!

Tuesday Trails: Thru-Hiking

We’ve mentioned before that the Bruce Trail isn’t usually used as a through-hiking route - that is, a trail that you complete all in one continuous push. Most people instead do section hikes of the Bruce Trail. That means they complete the route in bits and pieces, spread out over months or even years, until they’ve walked every kilometre from one end to the other. We met one section hiker who is finishing after only 5 months, and another couple who are doing the whole thing over 15 years! This is common on a lot of long routes like the Pacific Crest or Appalachian Trails - it means you can complete the walk in whatever order you like, and it can be tailored to your schedule so you don’t have the pressure to finish in a certain amount of time.

Happy Trails,