Day 24: Rest Day, 592 km completed

Our third and final rest day of the trip. With chilly weather you can imagine it wasn’t significantly eventful. We spent a good amount of time in our tent. Chris read, I read and napped.

Our biggest exertion today was collecting firewood. I’m particularly fond of finding the biggest fallen branch (or tree) I can and Chris is fond of breaking them into firewood size pieces. We’re a pretty good team.

Now when it comes to song writing we are not equal teammates. I like to say I’m the muse because my contribution to Chris’ parody song is materially limited. We left our first draft in the log book for our fellow hikers to chuckle at.

Now we have a fire going and are prepping for dinner. We’re expecting some rain so are considering whether we should actually sleep in the shelter or not. There is no door and I heard raccoons last night so I’m a little unsure. TBD.

Monday Motivation
Before our trip I came across a Latin phrase, I even used it as a question at our Trivia Night: Solvitur ambulando, which means "its solved by walking".

The phrase is used to refer to a problem that is solved by practical experiment. Diogenes the Cynic responded to the argument of the unreality of motion by simply standing up and walking away. The phrase is later used in a number of sources, each taking their own perspective on it.

To me, I like the sound of it and I like the idea that by continuing to move forward we can initiate positive changes for myself and for others. We are not attempting to solve anything by walking, other than maybe some inner turmoils. We are hoping that the simple act of walking, of putting one foot in front of another, will positively impact others. By choosing an organization that prides itself on having a deep impact on a few, I am motivated to put one foot in front of the other.

Happy Trails,