Day 23: Epping - Ambrose, 592 km completed

Some days, the trail is full of amazing sights, beautiful nature and talks with fun locals. Other times though it’s just straight walking. Today was one of the latter.

We spent the night with Trail Angels Tia and Adam, and they helped pump us up with some tunes on the way to where we left off yesterday. Last night was starting to affect me from the moment we started - I learned my lesson that 3 Boneshakers is too many after a day of hiking and dried hummus (see me in the photos trying to nap it off). I kept my head down and just let Natalie lead us for the morning, and didn’t notice a whole lot as we walked.

So we spent the morning walking and we spent the afternoon walking, all without too much trouble otherwise. We ran into this couple that we keep passing and getting passed by over the last couple days. They’re walking a small section of the trail, and I’m guessing we’ll run into them again tomorrow.  We’re spending the night at the Ambrose Camp rest area, a spot set up for through hikers to get a dry shelter for the night. 

Sunday Stewardship - Overnight Rest Areas

The camp we’re at tonight has a simple hut that was built a couple decades ago by the BTC for hikers passing through. They’ve been keeping a logbook for hikers here since the camp started in the early 80’s, and you can read the entries from all the adventurers who stopped before us. 

Since it’s only meant for a small group of hikers, the site is very rudimentary and needs to be taken care of properly. Before we go, we’ll find some fresh firewood for the next campers and make sure the hut is exactly how we found it.

Happy trails,