Day 20: Blue Mountains - Duncan, 504 km completed

Today was a no nonsense kind of day. We packed up in the light rain and got right to it. The trail alternated between roads, fields and well worn trails with way less climbs than we’ve gotten used to.

Just before lunch we were wondering if we’d have our first day without any fellow hikers. But we passed three hikers. This is the first time we’ve actually gone by people on the trail. Most of the time hikers have been heading the other direction.

Today was also a day for small victories. Even though it was overcast there was hardly any rain, and we got a prime lunch spot. Now this is actually a big victory for us. We have continually just missed out on good lunch locations, we follow our stomachs and even though we try to stop at lookouts or benches sometimes, the hunger gets the better of us and we end up stopping along the side of the trail. And more often than not, there’s benches or in one case, a field of picnic tables, a few hundred metres ahead.

But today right as I almost gave into the hunger, we spotted a bench with a good view. It’s the little things.

We traveled passed Metcalfe Rock and stopped in at Trail Angel Justin and Eva’s place. Their house is actually on the trail! And bonus - they had prepared a guest bed for us! We were planning on camping on their property, but with this rainy weather, a shower and comfy bed was another not so small win!

Looking forward to some potentially flat trails tomorrow and killer views.

Thursday Thoughts
As we start the to see the first signs of fall I realized that we are going to witness something pretty cool. I hadn’t thought of this before. We began our trip in summer. Beaming hot and bright green.

We will be privy to a full season change in fast motion. As we travel north and and deeper into September we will feel the heat dissipate and see green turn to gold, orange and red. It is an experience that I am so looking forward to because it is rare. You have to be as immersed in nature as we are to see it happen. I can’t wait!

Happy Trails,