Day 17: Rest Day, 418.5 km completed

A rest day couldn’t come sooner after this past week’s intense back-to-back distances. We were both feeling exhausted from yesterday’s hike, which now takes the record for the farthest we’ve hiked in a single day.

After a morning spent slowly getting out of bed and eating breakfast (oatmeal, my favourite), we finished up the last 4 km we were supposed to complete yesterday. Even without packs, the fact that we had to walk when we could be lying horizontal made this short stroll feel like a massive chore.

We made decent headway on our books for the rest of the day - I’m reading Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods, and Nat is reading Elantris by Brandon Sanderson - and otherwise did a whole lot of nothing until dinner. In fact, the only other physical activity we had today was constantly trying to shift our solar charger into the moving path of the sun. Thanks to Vlad for lending this handy piece of gear!

Dinner has been surprisingly delicious tonight - a package of Pad Thai and coconut soup to finish off the day.

Monday Motivation - Rest and Recovery

R&R is crucial to any kind of exercise, especially endurance walks, and it’s been keeping us going over the last week. We have one more rest day to look forward to next weekend, then only 2 weeks after before we can look forward to real beds and meals!

Happy Trails,