Day 16: Honeywood - Nottawasaga Bluffs, 414.5 km completed

During lunch I thought to myself, “the trail gods have taken pity on us”. We were gearing up for a 36 km day and to be honest I don’t think we were in the right mindset. We were tired from 4 back to back 30+ km days and weighed down with heavy packs from our resupply.

We got off to a bad start with an extra km or so off trail; having to back track is so demoralizing. But at lunch we took a closer inspection of our destination and something miraculous happened. We saw a side route that would get us to our campsite and cut 4 km from our total trip today. We can easily do a short 4 km packless walk tomorrow on our rest day.

Smooth sailing for the rest of the day right? Wrong! The heat was wicked and each km felt longer than the last. In our last 9 km stretch we missed another turn off point and had to double back. Doubling back once is hard enough on your morale, and doing it twice is just devastating.

So yes, we had our first trail cry today (me obviously). It was brief and there was nothing to do but continue on. When it was all said and done we ended up completing just over 37 km when we thought we were getting away with 33.

Best part about today? Finishing!!! Excited for some food and a well deserved rest day tomorrow!

Shout out to Dr. Brookhuis for patching me up last night and Trail Angel Lee for choosing some stellar cheeses for our lunch today.

Oh ya, and we saw some deer today. That was pretty neat. Ever hear one make a call? It sounds like what you think an ostrich would sound like.

Sunday Stewardship:
We’re a few days into our third week and for the next while we will be camping almost every night. We only have three nights in beds from now until October 7th.

We practice something called “leave no trace” camping. Everything we bring into a site we take out. This includes garbage and yup, you guessed it, toilet paper. Some of the campsites are pretty basic so you do have to pack out your toilet paper.

No trace camping is practiced to limit the impact that camping has on the natural environment. It is a philosophy that can be spread to any outdoor activity.

Happy Trails,