Day 15: Mono Cliffs - Honeywood, 377.5 km completed

Trail Angel Morley drove us the first 500m to the start of the trail this morning, which was a big help - any walking off the trail can feel demoralizing since it only adds distance to the day. We walked with my dad through Boyne Valley Provincial Park, which rolls over 3 very steep hills with a river in the bottom of each. An amateur botanist for a long time, my dad knows just about every plant in the forest and can spot things you’ve never seen. He spotted a wiry, curled version of Horsetail and the Beech Drop, a plant that only grows at the bases of beech trees. 

The rest of the day was extremely hot but passed by without too much trouble. We got a pickup just before Honeywood, where we’ll start our very long leg tomorrow - 36km. Hopefully the temperature is a little lower than today.

 Saturday Safety - hanging food

We haven’t had to hang any food as we’re not into Black bear territory, but soon it will become important. When you’re done with food for the day in those areas, it’s important to keep your food tucked away in a smell-proof bag to keep bears away, and to hang the food on a rope from a high branch. Bears can climb trees, so make sure the food is far away from the trunk as well.

Happy Trails,