Day 13: Caledon - Hockley Valley, 309 km completed

Trail Angels Kat and Landon dropped us off on the side of the road this morning, and that ended up being where we spent most of the day. The first 10km of today were spent on or beside the same road, but at least we made good time because the trail’s so straight. Even with all the hills in the Caledon section, we’re getting stronger and can go for longer distances without needing to take big breaks. 

This afternoon though, our good luck ran out in Glen Haffy. We started seeing spider webs crossing the trail more often than usual, and the further we walked the denser they got. They got so dense at some points that we crawled on hands and knees just to avoid getting whole webs on the face. After that debacle we both walked while waving sticks in front of ourselves until we were finally out of spider hell.

Tonight we’re staying in the Hockley Hollows rest area - one of the few places where thru-hikers can spend the night on the trail outside of conservation areas.

Thursday Thoughts

Ever wonder why they’re called raspberries? We just clued in yesterday. A rasp is a woodworking tool much like a file, that uses little teeth to wear down the wood. A rasp-berry bush is much the same, especially when it doesn’t have any berries. Shorts and raspberry bushes don’t go well together!