Day 12: Silvercreek - Caledon, 277 km completed

We had some guests on the trail this morning. Chris’ mom (also known as Trail Angel Wendy) sported her trail raisers can t-shirt. Her and her sidekick Heidi, an energetic German Shepherd, set a blistering pace through Silvercreek Conservation Authority. Not sure if it was Trail Angel Wendy’s pace or Heidi’s.

We passed by a gentleman who had just set up for painting a part of the beautiful young forest in this section. At over 90 he said he didn’t want to travel too far into the trail to set up. We knew the next road crossing was close!

There is a side trail in this section that is known for having the only walking ferns along the trail. It was one of our only chances to find this elusive fern. Find out more in wildlife Wednesday below!

We said goodbye to Trail Angel Wendy and went on our way through Terra Cotta Conservation Area.

As we sat down for lunch we had just finished the Toronto section. The short 50km section was blissfully flat. Up next is Caledon Hills. The name made me worried and I knew the flat couldn’t last forever.

And yep, there was a big hill. I looked up at it and asked Chris “is this part of the re-route?!” As if it mattered, either way we’d have to tackle it. But knowing it was part of the main trail reassured me.

Another 5 km at a blistering pace and we saw a sign for “the Grange”. Chris exclaimed: “it’s the grange”. I wondered if it was a restaurant and asked. “No” Chris replied “it’s a collection of horse people”. I thought... what!? Is it a commune of horseback riders, a museum? I see the sign closer “equestrian neighbourhood” it read. I liked collection of horse people better.

Another ten or so km and we passed through Forks of the Credit Provincial Park and reached our pick up point.

We are comfy at Trail Angel Kat and Nathan’s place. We’ve regaled our stories to our trail angels in training: Mason, Madden and Landon. They were quite enthralled.

Wildlife Wednesday:
What a day for wildlife Wednesday! The only time we have ventured on a side trail was today on the walking fern trail. Waterfalls, ruins and big views couldn’t convince us to add kilometres, but a fern sure did. We were hoping to find this cool fern that actually walks! New root system grows from the tip of their leaves and the plant can move locations.

We didn’t find the fern but we did find a red spotted newt. An interesting thing about this newt is that it is poisonous to its fish predators. Don’t worry though the toxin is only toxic to fish and crayfish.

Although we didn’t see the walking fern (sigh) we did see some fields of horsetail. This is a fern that doesn’t look like a fern at all — looks more like small bamboo shoots!

What’s your favourite fern?

Happy Trails,