Day 10: Milton - Scotch Block, 229 km completed

Our first full day in the rain wasn’t so bad after all. We woke up to a light mist that was more ominous than anything.

Fortunately, it was a short day on the trail that ended with a good time spent at a pub. We had a visit from Chris’ work colleagues that braved the weather to join us for 13 km on the trail.

The weather reports were not promising yesterday and rain kept both Chris and his coworker Lynne up with worry.

But 6 self-proclaimed “die-hards” couldn’t be turned off by a little rain. Which turned out to be not so bad under the cover of the trees. A big shout out to: Lynne, JT, Matt, Laura, Fred and Kaleb for joining us today.

Monday Motivation: We've been on the trail for 10 days now. That is double the length of our longest trip prior to this, and we are only just shy of the 1/3 point now. We are motivated by many things, but often it’s the people surrounding us that are the most effective motivators.

In this case it is our workplaces. We feel so lucky to have such supportive workplaces that not only gave us the opportunity to use our vacation for this trip but are supporting us in so many ways.

Chris’ work, Ecosystem, is matching donations up to $5,000. They have been actively promoting our endeavour on their intranet site and of course joined us today.

My work is supporting in as many ways as they can. The Ontario Public Service is a community in itself that has been following us on instagram, cheering us on and offering help such as lodging and rides.

My office in particular has been tracking our adventure on the white board as you can see in the photo below.

Thanks to all the people that support us and motivate us to keep going.

Happy Trails,