Day 1: Queenston Heights - Brock University, 30km

We’ve been waiting to get started on our hike for months, and the day finally came! 

We began our trip this morning just a stone’s throw from the US border at the Southern Terminus cairn. Nat’s parents drove us down and joined us for the first half hour of the 1st leg. Along the way, we came across a few vineyards, passed a Segway tour, and met a very friendly 3 legged dog. Finished up this afternoon by following the trail around the entire length of Brock University.

We had big plans to start and it certainly wasn’t easy. We covered almost 30km in scorching heat, so by the time we finished our section of the trail we were so tired we called an Uber to take us to our rest spot for the night.

Safety Saturday - Trail Blazes

It’s important to know where you’re going on the trail, especially when you’re tired at the end of a long day. Fortunately, Trail blazes are made to keep everyone on the right path. A white blaze means you’re on the main Bruce Trail, while a blue blaze lets you know you’re on a side trail. When you hit a fork in the road, the blazes let you know which way to go - right (up and to the right) or left (up to the left).

Happy Trails,