Food for Thought

One of the most common questions we've been asked is: what are you going to eat!?

Before we hit the trail on Saturday we thought we would give you a run down of our food for this five week journey.

We had to prepare 27 breakfasts, 29 lunches and 20 dinners packaged into 8 supply sections. We were able to cut down the number of meals we needed to prepare and carry on our backs because our Trail Angels are providing us with some breakfasts, lunches and dinners and we will also be purchasing dinners when we are staying at air bnb accommodations in small towns.

It is of course instant oatmeal. A tried and true camping breakfast there is no reason do anything else.

Between the two of us we will eat 108 packets of quaker oats instant oatmeal. Ask us in a week or two how we feel about oatmeal.

We also added some dried fruit or granola for each day so we can mix it up. Really hoping this will trick us into forgetting we are eating oatmeal almost every day for 5 weeks.

Lastly, COFFEE. This time we are trying instant coffee as we thought it would save time and the weight of the filter.


We will alternate between 4 types of lunches.

Our mainstays will be:

1) dried hummus (just add water), apple chips, crackers

2) cured salami (for Natalie), peanut butter (for Chris), banana chips, crackers

Occasionally we will have what we have called "snack lunch". This includes, tofu jerky, trail mix and roasted snap peas.

Oh, did I not mention, Chris is a vegetarian. This adds an additional layer of complexity to our planning. Although I am more than happy to eat vegetarian, I do not like peanut butter, and this makes vegetarian lunches tough - hence salami for me.

Finally, we will get some fresh lunches from our trail angels. When they send us on our way in the morning we have asked that they prep for us a lunch for that day which could include things like bread, cheese and fruit. Fresh fruit will be a big treat.


Our dinners will be all about simplicity and calories. We have dinners such as kraft dinner, instant noodles, couscous and spices, and dehydrated meals from MEC. Sides include veggie chips and cup a soup.

To make sure we have enough protein we also dehydrated chickpeas to add to the noodles and couscous! surprisingly easy!

Dessert & Snacks

Okay - no we don't have dessert. But we do have chocolate bars which we have set aside for our longest days. A little bit of sugar for energy.

We will also have a cliff bar every day which we generally eat as a mid way snack break between breakfast and lunch.

I know for a fact we will have food cravings along the way. I just don't know what it will be -- stay tuned.

Happy Trails,