Trivia Night Fundraiser: Poetry has never been this exciting

On Friday, August 24th, Chris and I brought together our family and friends for a Trivia Night Fundraiser. It was a week out from the trail and thought we'd give our fundraising campaign a little boost.

And what a boost it was!

We made a total of $2,000! And yes, I did make my dad throw in an extra $5 at the end of the night - $1,995 would not have been acceptable.

Chris and I have never organized a fundraising event before so we thought we would tackle something simple. We made a reservation at Louis Cifer Brew Works, a space that allows you to reserve the upstairs section for large parties without a fee.  

It was my sister Nicole's idea to do a Trivia Night. I think she knew how good Chris would be at coming up with killer questions. She also won a round, so her intentions are suspect.

Here's a snapshot from the night:

The room is filled with 65 guests. One round of trivia is complete, we are part way through round 2 and the questions are starting to get more difficult.

Our MC Ted announces the question: iamb, trochee, dactyl, anapest, spondee and pyrrhic feet are measurements in this discipline?

There are confused looks and grumbles. He spells out the first three examples. Noone looks confident.

The answer is announced: ....... poetry.

Chairs flew across the floor and an equal number of groans and cheers could be heard from across the room. Poetry has never been this exciting.

Okay - it was one chair. But it actually happened.

We would like to sincerely thank every person that attended the event. You all blew us away with your support.

A special thinks to those that contributed to door prizes and raffle pizes: Patti Schott, Alanna Mcrae, Ann Adams, Edward Hilling, Ursula Beamish, Arthur Churchyard, Corinne Brookhuis, William Orpin, Johnson & Johnson, Rock Oasis, Louis Cifer and Patagonia!

And an extra special thanks to our MC Ted!

Happy Trails,