Website Launch

Welcome to the official launch of our website and the first of many blog posts! We invite you to explore our website further and read more below on how to stay in touch and get involved.

Stay in touch:

Prior to the hike we will be releasing blog posts on the 1st and 15th of June, July and August. During the hike, September 1 to October 7, we will be releasing daily blog posts.

Follow us on instagram @trailraiserscan

Get Involved:

The best way to get involved is to drop us a line at

If you want to run a fundraising campaign... let us know and we will highlight your event and contributions on our website.

If you are a teacher… and are interesting in bringing this hike and our daily blog posts into your classroom learning let us know. We will be happy to coordinate with you on potential blog post topics to align with your learning objectives.

If you want to join us... for a day or two of the hike, we will happily provide you with our itinerary. You will have to coordinate transportation to and from the trail. If there is a small group of interested individuals we can make the connections necessary to make it happen.

If you want to contribute... visit our donate page and make a small contribution and let us know of any interest in a t-shirt or patch sale. We have also created some promotional materials that you may wish to post in a common area at work, school or community location. The further the word is spread, the bigger the impact we can make and we need your help to do it.

Download our poster here