Day 36: Mountain Trout - Stormhaven, 920 km completed

We were spoiled this morning with 10 km of flat road. Even the rain couldn’t dampen our spirits.

After entering the Bruce Peninsula National Park we we lucky to have another 7.5 km of flat, easy trail.

The only notable obstacles were an overflowing marsh and strange tree bridges. We had to wade through one part of the road/trail and spotted a fish swimming in the middle. Definitely out of his element since the path to the marsh had since dried up.

We stopped for lunch just before the trail got difficult. We knew this because there was a steep rocky rise directly in sight.

The trail was steep, rocky and difficult the rest of the way to Stormhaven. This was what so many people warned us about.

Stormhaven is a backcountry campsite with tenting platforms and food hanging stations. It also had a beautiful bright blue flat rocky beach which just begged for some swimmers. It was my turn as I had mentioned previously.

I thought jumping into freezing cold water (a few days later and further north than Chris I’ll point out) was going to be the most exciting thing to happen on our last night.

Chris had other plans. While I was drying off and warming up in the bathroom (yes, there was a bathroom and it was luxury) Chris was “scoping out” a spot for a “photo”.

None the wiser I patiently waited while he set up the phone and told me to move over a couple inches. He was walking wayyyy too slow toward me, surely he was going to miss the timer. But it was a video and suddenly he was on one knee with the most beautiful ring. I blacked out! Way too excited.

But my fingers were swollen!!! Hiking means swollen fingers, and I don’t think my dip in the lake helped. I didn’t care, I made that ring fit! Now that the swelling has come down we’re all good, but I honestly thought I wasn’t going to be able to get it off — not that I’d want to.

We are a day short of finishing one adventure and have just begun a new one. Partners in every way. And like Chris said, it isn’t an adventure story without a little romance.

Happy Trails,