Day 34: Barrow Bay - Reed’s Dump, 864 km completed

It’s almost as if the weather gods took all of yesterday’s good weather and poured it into today. It was the perfect day. Big blue sky with meticulously placed fluffy clouds. Cool air and a nice breeze with warm sunshine.

Trail Angel Wilfred had an inspired idea this morning. He’d drop us off where he retrieved us yesterday and we’d leave the packs at the motel (Lion’s Head Beach Motel) and pick them up at lunch.

As soon as we hit the interior part of the trail we knew we made a good decision yesterday. Rocky and steep we would have struggled in the rain with the fatigue setting in.

We had beautiful views and I kept finding Chris checking out potential climbing routes. You better believe we’ll be back to do some climbing.

A new pest emerged, the gnat. Not Nat (although I’ve been known to be a bug). There were clouds of them and we had to wade through them like a thick fog. But they were no match for the Georgian Bay wind. Goodbye bugs!

After relishing in the views it was a quick walk through Lion’s Head and a nice lunch break on the beach. We treated ourselves to ice cream, a snack that would have seemed incomprehensible in yesterday’s deep chill.

We said bye to Trail Angel Wilfred and off we were again with our packs. They felt very heavy. I was seriously thinking we had been punked. I had visions of Ashton Kutcher filling our bags with rocks while we unknowingly enjoyed our ice cream.

The feeling was short lived and before you knew it we were at our campsite on the beach.

Chris kept eyeing the water and smirking, saying he was going in. I still can’t believe he did, he hasn’t always been the most fearless when it comes the cold water. He proved me wrong, guess it’s my turn next.

Thursday Thoughts
I have two opposing thoughts.

I want to be done. I want to be in my own bed and eat home cooked meals. I see the end and it is so close and this thought keeps creeping in.

I also want to stay forever in the fairy tale where my responsibilities begin and end with walking.

Two opposing thoughts. I know which one will become reality. But I still plan to enjoy every moment we have left in this fairy-tale adventure.

Happy Trails