Day 32: Cape Croker - Hope Bay, 813 km completed

We jumped between bays, from Sydney Bay to Hope Bay. It was a short 10 km day, which we originally had as a rest day in our early stages of planning. We were unable to accommodate a zero day so we settled for a nearo day. A nearo day is a near zero day and has the benefits of a rest day (rest) with also knocking down some extra distance.

The morning was a rainy one but we made the best of it by thoroughly celebrating reaching the 500 mile-stone. 500 more seems like a lot so I’ll stick to 75 more for now.

We got a small taste of what we should expect in the next few days: rocky and steep.

We arrived at Hope Bay campground completely chilled and were so happy to have hot showers.

We downed a bag of sweet chili heat Doritos from the campground store and also treated ourselves to some hot chocolate from our resupply.

We sat under the awning in comfy lawn furniture, sipped our hot chocolate, listened to the waves and contemplated how far we’ve come.

Trail Tuesday

Today was the second day on the final section of the Bruce Trail - The Peninsula Club. We have completed 8 sections and have this final section remaining. Across the 9 club sections there are 1,500 volunteers that help the Bruce Trail Conservancy maintain the trail. This includes trail maintenance, boardwalk and bridge building and blaze setting. Without these volunteers, this trip would not have been possible - so thank you! 

Happy Trails,